Whether you are going MAX EFFORT/ALL MOTOR, or going the Spray'n'Pray route, don't stress out worrying if your engine is going to hold together or give up the ghost- Go with one of our NA/Nitrous setups for holding awesome power with peace of mind.


NA/Nitrous LS7 Longblock


Bore: 4.125"

Stroke: 4.000"

Connecting Rod Length: 6.125"

Displacement: 7.0L / 427c.i.

Piston Volume: -3.84cc flat top with valve reliefs

Compression Ratio:

11.3:1 with 70cc chamber cylinder heads

12.0:1 with 64cc chamber cylinder heads


Horsepower Rating: Up to 1000whp on Nitrous


Engine Block: New OEM LS7 7.0L Aluminum Block

Crankshaft: New Callies LS7 Crankshaft

Pistons: Diamond Racing Forged Pistons

Connecting Rods: Callies Compstar H-Beam Connecting rods w/ ARP rod bolts

Main Fasteners: ARP Main Studs

Main Bearings: King XP-Series Race Bearings

Rod Bearings: King XP-Series Race Bearings

Cam Bearings: Durabond one piece bearings


Cylinder Heads: Frankenstein F710 287cc Cylinder Heads

Valves: 2.250" intake / 1.615" exhaust

Valve Springs: .660" Lift Dual Valve Springs w/ Titanium retainers

Camshaft: Application Specific Spec'd Camshaft

Timing Chain: Katech C5-R Timing Chain

Lifters: OE Replacement LS7 Lifters

Push Rods: 3/8 Diameter Chromoly Pushrods

Rocker Arms: TSP Roller Rocker arms w/ Bronze Trunnions

Head Fasteners: ARP Head Studs

Head Gaskets: GM MLS Head Gaskets

Oil Pump: Katech Oil Pump (Melling High Pressure for Wet Sump)


NA/Nitrous LS7 Longblock