Looking for an engine that will take you over the 1000hp mark without praying to the Horsepower gods that it stays together before every pass? Well look no further, our BoostPrep line of engines is exactly what you're looking for.


LS BoostPrep 5.3L Longblock


Bore: 3.800"

Stroke: 3.622"

Connecting Rod Length: 6.125"

Displacement: 5.3L / 328c.i.

Piston Volume: -2.0cc Flat tops with valve reliefs

Compression Ratio:

10.3:1 with 61cc(862/706 Gen 3)

9.8:1 with 64.5cc(243/799 Gen 4)

9.9:1-10.4:1(60-64ccPRC 220cc)


Horsepower Rating: Up to 1100whp


Engine Block: Reconditioned OEM Gen 3 or 4 5.3 Iron or Aluminum Block

Crankshaft: Reconditioned Gen 3 24x or Gen 4 58x OEM Crankshaft

Pistons: Diamond Racing Forged Pistons

Connecting Rods: Callies Compstar H-Beam Connecting rods w/ ARP rod bolts

Main Fasteners: ARP Main Studs

Main Bearings: King XP-Series Race Bearings

Rod Bearings: King XP-Series Race Bearings

Cam Bearings: Durabond one piece bearings


Cylinder Heads:

Gen 3 CNC Ported 862/706 Reconditioned Heads

Gen 4 CNC Ported 243/799 Reconditioned Heads

PRC 220cc As Cast Cylinder Heads (Optional)



Reconditioned Stock Valves w/ multi angle valve job

2.045" Intake / 1.600" Stainless Valves (PRC 220cc Heads)

Valve Springs: .660" Lift Dual Valve Springs w/ steel retainers

Camshaft: Application Specific Spec'd Camshaft

Timing Chain: Katech C5-R Timing Chain

Lifters: OE Replacement LS7 Lifters

Push Rods: 5/16 Diameter Chromoly Pushrods

Rocker Arms: Reconditioned Rocker Arms w/ trunnion upgrade

Head Fasteners: ARP Head Studs

Head Gaskets: GM MLS Head Gaskets

Oil Pump: Melling High Pressure Oil Pump


LS BoostPrep 5.3L Longblock

  • Gen 3: Uses a 24x relutor wheel crankshaft and a Gen 3 configuration 5.3 block with the knock sensors in the valley. The Gen 3 configurations come with CNC ported 862 or 706 casting heads.


    Gen 4: Uses a 58x relutor wheel crankshaft and a Gen 4 configuration 5.3 block with the knock sensors on the side of the block. The Gen 4 configurations come with CNC ported 243 or 799 casting heads.