Unboxing : LS Cam Swap Kit from BTR

Unboxing our package from BTR for the LS Cam Swap Special we're running. For more info give us a call or shoot us an email!

This sale price includes:

- Parts: Camshaft, Pushrods, Dual Valve Springs, Gaskets, Dampener Bolt, Spark Plugs and Oil Change.

- Installation Service (Labor)

- Custom Dyno Tune Session.

If you're in the market for a CAM SWAP for your LS powered vehicle- Please call, email or stop by the shop for more information & scheduling:

(269) 350-9055




- DOD Delete +$750 with stock head bolts

- DOD Delete +$995 with ARP head studs

- VVT Delete +$150

- New HD GM Timing chain +$100

- New Katech C5R chain +$200

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